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  • Name : LA POINTE
  • Country : United States of America
  • Location Type : Port
  • UN/Locode* : US JPP
  • MMSI MID Codes : 303, 338, 366, 367, 368, 369, 382, 389

  • Geographical Coordinates :
  • Latitude : 46.77882
  • Longitude : -90.78819

  • Port authority contact details :   GOOGLE  

  • *United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations,
    developed and maintained by UNECE since 1981.

Port Size : Very Small
Port Type : Coastal Natural
Shelter : Poor

Tide : No
Ice : Yes
Swell : No
Other : Yes

Overhead Limits : No
Channel : 3 m
Anchorage : 13.7 m
Cargo Pier : 3 m
Oil Terminal : n.a. m
Tide : 0 m
Vessel LOA : Up to 152.4 m

Good Holding Ground : No
Turning Area : No
1st Port of Entry : n.a.
ETA Message : No

Compulsory : Yes
Available : n.a.
Local Assist : n.a.
Advisable : n.a.
Salvage : No
Assist : No

Pratique : Yes
SSCC Cert : Yes
Other : n.a.

Telephone : Yes
Telefax : n.a.
Radio : n.a.
Radio Tel : n.a.
Airport : n.a.
Railway : n.a.

Wharves : Yes
Anchor : n.a.
Med Moor : n.a.
Beach Moor : n.a.
Ice Moor : n.a.

Medical Facilities : Yes
Garbage Disposal : n.a.
Degauss : n.a.
Dirty Ballast : No
Fixed : n.a.
Mobile : n.a.
Floating : n.a.

100 Tons Plus : n.a.
50 - 100 Tons : n.a.
25 - 49 Tons : n.a.
0 - 24 Tons : n.a.

Longshore : n.a.
Elect : n.a.
Steam : n.a.
Navig Equipment : n.a.
Elect Repair : n.a.

Provisions : Yes
Water : Yes
Fuel oil : n.a.
Diesel Oil : Yes
Deck : n.a.
Engine : n.a.

Repair : n.a.
Dry Dock : n.a.
Marine Rail : n.a.

PORT SIZE - Classification is determined on several decisive factors such as area, facilities and wharf space
PORT TYPE - The main water area of the port.
SHELTER - Provided protection against wind, sea and swell on the spot where port operations are effected. Anchorage shelter is one assured by the use of lighters for cargo handling.
ENTR. RESTRICTIONS - Factors of nature's origin that might prevent ship's entrance in port - ice, swell, etc.
OVERHEAD LIMITS - Indicative parameter showing the presence of a bridge or overhead power cables.
TIDES - Average value in meters. For US ports and US territories it is given in feet.
GOOD HOLDING GROUND - Mariners' confirmed anchorage seabed where an anchor will hold.
TURNING AREA - A place within the port provided for vessel's turning.
1ST PORT OF ENTRY - A port providing clearance of foreign origin goods and crew before Customs and Immigration Authorities. At the First Port of Entry vessels coming from overseas are required to submit a quarantine clearance.
ETA MESSAGE - Indicates the requirement to submit ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) Notice for that port.
PILOTAGE - Either it is a must or advisable usage of pilotage is directed.
TUGS - Showing the option of using a tug for docking or in need of assistance during anchorage.
LOAD/OFFLOAD - Applicable for the areas where usual port operations are performed.
MEDICAL FACILITIES - Refers to any form of premises for giving medical assistance and accommodation of seamen within the port.
GARBAGE DISPOSAL - Indicated the option to dispose garbage at the pier while being moored or at the anchorage by lighters.
DEGAUSSING - Indicates the availability of degaussing facility.
DIRTY BALLAST - It refers to a port that may receive dirty ballast contaminated with oil and/or chemicals.
CRANES/LIFTS - Provides information about the availability of cranes by type and lifting capacity in tons.
SERVICES - Advises the provision of ordinary and most usual port services.
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