Sea Airports located in Commercial Seaports

Find any of 1,370 Airports located in different Seaports worldwide, Arrivals and Departures, Route Distance, nearby Sea and Airports located in the same region for logistics convenience

Flag City Country Airport Type IATA ICAO Airport Info
Busan South Korea Gimhae International Airport Sea Airport PUS RKPK
Cheju South Korea Jeju International Airport Inland Airport CJU RKPC
Chongju South Korea Cheongju International Airport Inland Airport CJJ RKTU
Jhunju South Korea Jeon Ju Airport Inland Airport CHN RKJU
Kangnung South Korea Gangneung Airport Inland Airport KAG RKNN
Kunsan South Korea Kunsan Air Base Inland Airport KUV RKJK
Kwangju South Korea Gwangju Airport Inland Airport KWJ RKJJ
Mokpo South Korea Mokpo Heliport Sea Airport MPK RKJM
Muan South Korea Muan International Airport Inland Airport MWX RKJB
Osan South Korea Osan Air Base Inland Airport OSN RKSO
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