Sea Airports located in Commercial Seaports

Find any of 1,370 Airports located in different Seaports worldwide, Arrivals and Departures, Route Distance, nearby Sea and Airports located in the same region for logistics convenience

Flag City Country Airport Type IATA ICAO Airport Info
Goroka Papua New Guinea Goroka Airport Inland Airport GKA AYGA
Madang Papua New Guinea Madang Airport Sea Airport MAG AYMD
Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea Mount Hagen Kagamuga Airport Inland Airport HGU AYMH
Nadzab Papua New Guinea Nadzab Airport Inland Airport LAE AYNZ
Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport Sea Airport POM AYPY
Wewak Papua New Guinea Wewak International Airport Sea Airport WWK AYWK
Narssarssuaq Greenland Narsarsuaq Airport Sea Airport UAK BGBW
Godthaab Greenland Godthaab Nuuk Airport Inland Airport GOH BGGH
Sondrestrom Greenland Kangerlussuaq Airport Inland Airport SFJ BGSF
Thule Greenland Thule Air Base Inland Airport THU BGTL
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