Sea Airports located in Commercial Seaports

Find any of 1,370 Airports located in different Seaports worldwide, Arrivals and Departures, Route Distance, nearby Sea and Airports located in the same region for logistics convenience

Flag City Country Airport Type IATA ICAO Airport Info
Agrinion Greece Agrinion Air Base Inland Airport AGQ LGAG
Alexandroupolis Greece Dimokritos Airport Sea Airport AXD LGAL
Andravida Greece Andravida Air Base Inland Airport PYR LGAD
Astypalaia Greece Astypalaia Airport Sea Airport JTY LGPL
Athens Greece Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport Inland Airport ATH LGAV
Athens Greece Athen Helenikon Airport Inland Airport HEW LGAT
Chania Greece Chania International Airport Inland Airport CHQ LGSA
Chios Greece Chios Island National Airport Sea Airport JKH LGHI
Cyclades Islands Greece Naxos Airport Inland Airport JNX LGNX
Heraklion Greece Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis Airport Sea Airport HER LGIR
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