Sea Airports located in Commercial Seaports

Find any of 1,370 Airports located in different Seaports worldwide, Arrivals and Departures, Route Distance, nearby Sea and Airports located in the same region for logistics convenience

Flag City Country Airport Type IATA ICAO Airport Info
Akureyri Iceland Akureyri Airport Inland Airport AEY BIAR
Egilsstadir Iceland Egilsstadir Airport Inland Airport EGS BIEG
Hofn Iceland Hornafjordur Airport Inland Airport HFN BIHN
Husavik Iceland Husavik Airport Sea Airport HZK BIHU
Isafjordur Iceland Isafjordur Airport Sea Airport IFJ BIIS
Keflavik Iceland Keflavik International Airport Sea Airport KEF BIKF
Patreksfjordur Iceland Patreksfjordur Airport Sea Airport PFJ BIPA
Reykjavik Iceland Reykjavik Airport Sea Airport RKV BIRK
Siglufjordur Iceland Siglufjordur Airport Sea Airport SIJ BISI
Vestmannaeyjar Iceland Vestmannaeyjar Airport Sea Airport VEY BIVM
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